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A quote from Adventist pioneer Ellen White


"  I have something to say in reference to extreme views of health reform. Health reform becomes health deform, a health destroyer, when it is carried to extremes."


Health Deform


John Thiel teaches that Veganism is the 'true fast'. Adventist pioneer Ellen White taught that vegetarianism was a more healthful diet than meat eating. she did advocated the use of dairy and eggs in the diet, however, she  pronounced that the time would come when it will become unsafe to eat those foods.


The problem is that Thiel takes her statement, and rather than leaving it to personal conscience, he decrees that the time has arrived and enforces veganism on his members.


It is certainly true that there have been health scares involving dairy, but there have also been health scares involving vegetables, there were several deaths in Germany recently as a result of e coli in lettuce. Should we now give up the use of vegetables?


People should be left to make informed choices with their own bodies and what goes into them. This is opposed to John Thiel's philosophy, who wants to violate men's consciences and rule them in body as well as mind.



“Can you trust me implicitly? Don’t seek to ask the reason for the things I am going to tell you as it will slow down the process. I’m asking you to simply obey all the standards and practices that are outlined for the church of the three angels. Don’t tell me you don’t fully understand. If I say to you, you must follow the dress code as studied in the sanctuary that is it, don’t ask why, just do it. It’s the dress code. The health message as studied, vegetarianism, don’t ask why, just simply know that I’m asking you to step fast, that’s why. Don’t ask about modesty, fashion, and vanity, worldly pastimes just do as I say. Don’t worry about your friends and your unbelieving relatives just do as I say.” – John Thiel



The Results are in


 The purpose of 'Health Reform' is to make people more healthy, John Thiel's 'Health Deform' fails this test.


His ministry is filled with people who are either seriously over or under weight.

Other health problems are rife such as poor complexion., yellow skin from acute toxicity, eye problems, brittle teeth and bones, gall bladder and liver disease, cancer, mental health issues, defatting of the skin leading to sores, lethargy and chronic fatigue, zinc and vitamin b12  and vitamin D



Hardly the stuff to inspire confidence.


Heroin Amphetamine Camembert and Brie


Thiel uses daft science to back up his ban on dairy and chocolate. He states that dairy chocolate contains 'narcotics' and dairy contains morphine, and that eating these foods will cause the Holy Spirit to leave the body temple.


He is correct that dairy contains minute trace levels of naturally occurring opiates called casomorphins, but so do wheat and other grains and soy products. God put them there for a reason.


Also fruit contains alcohol, the riper the fruit the more it contains, should we be worried that the Holy Spirit would leave our body temple if we eat fruit, or grains or soy?



Ellen White drank chocolate milk and ate eggs and soft cheeses until she died, watch it here.


Gluten intolerance is Satanic delusion


"God created fruits, grains and nuts for food and after sin vegetables.

You mustn’t eat wheat as it’s not the best grain when the Bible says bread is the staff of life. Can you see the insanity that Satan has got the world in today?

…You won’t talk about this or that food doing you bad, it is what God has created for food and is not to be refused. If you think that certain thing you have been taught under scientific research is going to do you harm, follow carefully.

Here is the danger, hypochondria. If you are in constant fear that your food will hurt you, what will your imagination do. It most assuredly will."


Read more about this subject at 'Sevy Taliban' under the heading 'Dangerous teachings on health: vegetables after sin and imaginary food allergies'


Chicken feather bread


The Thielites are paranoid about which bread is put on the table, some commercial breads contain L-cysteine an amino acid derived from chicken feathers.

Many a baffled visitor has left the lunch table wondering why not a single slice of the bread they brought was not eaten.


The Thealites are not so paranoid or fussy  as to avoid all packaged foods such as peanut butter that contain trace amounts of insects and rodent droppings.



Drinking with meals


Drinking liquids with meals is verboten, those enjoying a glass of water with their salad will be met with dark stares. Persistent offenders will be rebuked


Cake hypocrisy


The eating of cakes or other sweets is forbidden, for under the true fast which is according to Daniel 10:3 , we are to eat no 'pleasant breads'.


"I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled."


John Thiel has a very sweet tooth, so fortunately he has his harem to make him exotic 'Vegan breads of desire', which don't count as 'pleasant breads' because they are vegan, and vegan food is always 'healthfull'.


Every sabbath tea time Thiel can be found shovelling 'Vegan Black forest gateau' into his mouth as if it's his last meal on Earth, or slavering and smacking his lips over some other fancy dainty. But it's not 'pleasant breads' because its VEGAN! You see???


Note: Hitler was aslo a German vegetarian, extremely fond of cake, exclusive, intolerant, a control freak, supremely self confident (even when his closest toadies were running away to Argentina), and was given to uncontrolable fits of rage. 

Are they perhaps related?




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