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Wednesday, 13 November2013


RE: Leah Jones’ resignation from HASS



To the members of the Historic Advent Sabbath Society Sadly after many months of deliberation I have decided to hand in my resignation from the Historic Advent Sabbath Society.


I have been saddened, shocked and discouraged by a number of false doctrines and twisted interpretations of SOP presented in sermons preached by John Thiel over the past two years and even more so recently when John wouldn’t heed the counsel of the brothers and sisters in the Brisbane church.


Additionally I have found the fruit of our little church in Australia to be Pharisee-ism, anti-socialibiliy and a general gloom. I love to be happy and have actually had to consciously fight against the trend to become depressed and self-centred as a result of this ministry. I too have fallen into the ‘self-righteous’ trap and am working together with the Lord to overcome this horrible character flaw.


I have seen the claimed ‘infallibility’ of John Thiel guiding members of our church to vote on issues at business meetings about which they themselves had no idea, and was even told by one Sister that by disagreeing with John at last year’s business meeting that we were delaying Jesus’ return.


This is horrendous and I cannot be a part of a church that holds a man up as ‘holy’. We must be very aware of the risks we face at this time. We are so close to Christ’s return, and placing any man in a position in which Christ alone can stand is evil.


I am more than happy to talk with anyone who would like to know specifics, but sadly I feel that few people will. I wish this wasn’t the case.


Our website will be continuing to share the Platform of Truth, but we will no longer be sharing or supporting John’s ministry in any way.I really hope that in time God can lead us all into perfect unity, but I cannot unite myself with error. I will continue to pray for each of you.




Sincerely Leah Jones..

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