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Song of Solomon 6:8


"There are threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, and   virgins without number."

Wherever Thiel goes controversy follows. Under church  discipline in the SDARM church for behaviour associated with his failing marriage and his relationship with a female member, John Thiel and the female in question were brought before the church to answer allegations and to be confronted with the evidence of witnesses to the 'appearance of evil'.


After pursuing a course of denial and accusing the accusers, John Thiel and the female in question resigned their memberships on the spot, effectively ending the investigation into their behaviours.


This was clearly, and is understood by those involved, as a case of 'jumping before they were pushed'.


John Thiel, a master at  rewriting history , blames the 1999  SDARM declaration on the 'nature of Christ' for his departure. This is simply a red herring as the SDARM held the same doctrine for the thirteen years prior to Thiels resignation. Only when the writing was on the wall for Thiel did it suddenly become an issue.


Read more about this here, under 'Conjical anomolies'.


John Thiel and his female cohort then moved on with a section of the SDARM congregation to the IMS church. Once again reports reached the ears of senior church elders of impropriety between Thiel and the very same sister.

It was decided to separate the pair by sending Thiel to open a new field across the continent in Tasmania.


Thiel objected violently to this, and as with the IMS he found an extremely obscure non issue to inflate into a doctrinal controversy in order to pronounce the IMS church fallen. And once again as with the SDARM, after eight years as a minister with the IMS, this doctrinal non issue only became an issue when the writing was on the wall.


John Thiel then went on to form his own papacy, the Historic Advent Sabbath Society, or HASS for short. He can now pursue his 'freindship' with the very same sister unmolested by church order and hierarchy.


Treat em mean keep em keen


Thiels ministry is largely made up of single and divorced women. Single men are the smallest group. There are a few functioning marriages but those have dominant wives and extremely subservient husbands.


Thiel beguiles women, yet his power doesn't seem to work as well on men.


A family member of Thiel related to the author that Thiel received training from his mother in handling women.


Certainly Thiel has a way of gathering damaged and insecure women to himself and bonding to them as a surrogate husband and or father figure, albeit a cruel and uncaring one.


The net result is that once women fall under Thiel's spell they lose all sovereignty, indeed he encourages them to seek his advice and permission in the minutiae of their lives, they become vassals, unable to think, study the word, or make any kind of decisions for themselves.


Listen to Thiel say 'he's been forgiven' for 'womanising' here.



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