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Our Mission


A quote from Adventist Pioneer Ellen White


It is the duty of every servant of God to withstand firmly and decidedly these perverters of the faith and by the word of truth fearlessly to expose their errors. {AA 387.1}


This web site was not created in a spirit of revenge or hatred. It has been created for the purpose of leading souls out of darkness, into the light of Christ and his righteousness.


Our mission comprises of seven stated aims.


(1) Our primary function is to be a platform for exposing the errors, history, lies and deceptions, behaviour and Anti Christ activities of John Thiel, and his church HASS.


(2) To warn those souls who may come into contact with Thiel, his group, or his online ministry.


(3) To serve as a serious embarrassment to Thiel's devotees and cause them to rethink their devotion.


(4) To serve as a point of contact for those members who wish to leave the cult.


(5) To seriously undermine HASS's capacity for growth.


(6) To act as a forum where ex Hass members, or anyone else who has had experiences involving John Thiel and or his group, can share their story.


(7) Our ultimate aim is to bring John Thiel back to God. Unlike John Thiel we believe that a persons probation is not over until they die. We pray that John Thiel will fully repent and depart from his path. The only way we believe that this can be achieved is for John Thiel to cease teaching and preaching and disband his ministry, This is our prayer.

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