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Compulsory boot wearing, bloomers and other female burdens.

As a method of control over the people, and to create a difference between his organization and the rest of Adventism, John Thiel inflates the 'standards'

of Health and Dress Reforms to such a position where they largely become the focal point of religion.


The rules are enforced from the pulpit via sermons and seminars. Some rules come directly from Thiel himself, some come from his closest ally and confidant Sister Rose Childs. Peer pressure and strong rebuke from the pulpit  ensures obedience.

For men dress requirements are fairly simple. All limbs must be completely covered at all times, ie long pants and long sleeved shirts.

Cuff and collar tob buttons must be secured at all times. Bare feet, thongs or sandals are not permitted. 'Long hair' which is interperated to mean hair that  reaches midway down the neck or longer, is not permitted among the membership.


For the women dress requirements are far more burdensome. According to John Thiels voluminous rules the women are expected to comply with the following. The wearing of boots at all times in all seasons, the wearing of long 'Bloomers', track suit pants,pajama bottoms or trousers under the skirt at all times, the wearing of long skirts covering the ankle at all times, the wearing of long sleeves buttoned to the cuff at all times, the wearing of a collar buttoned to the top at all times.


In addition there are strict controls on the exclusive use of natural fibers, the prohibition of mixing fibers, and on certain fabric colours and patterns.


Women are not permitted to have short hair unless they are of African descent. Fringes and high pony tails are prohibited. In one case a woman who disliked having long hair disobeyed the rule and had a short haircut. She was then forced to wear a viel in church until she eventually left the cult.



Jesus Christ wore boots


Amongst the more bizzare and illogical HASS doctrines is that Jesus wore boots. The doctrine eminates from HASS member Sister Rose Childs, author of 'Advanced Dress Reform', a book endorsed by John Thiel as 'pure truth'.


The obvious problem with this doctrine is that Jesus didn't wear boots, he wore sandals.


The need for a boot wearing Jesus comes from a desire to establish a doctrine  first and then manipulate the facts to fit.

The correct and Biblical method is to use the facts to establish doctrine.


HASS equates the covering of feet with morality, so a sandal wearing Jesus is problematic, therefore the logic is applied that if bare feet and sandals are sin, then Jesus must have had covered feet because he was without sin.


Rewriting history


The lunacy of 'Advanced dress reform' extends to rewriting Biblical history.


Learn more here.



A Quote from 'Advance Dress Reform" A book by Rose Childs


“The feet should be clad not only for warmth but for modesty with pants under dress to protect us from sensual feelings which keep the sexual organs constantly on fire.”




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