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A quote from Adventist pioneer Ellen White

A legal religion can never lead souls to Christ; for it is a loveless, Christless religion. Fasting or prayer that is actuated by a self-justifying spirit is an abomination in the sight of God. The solemn assembly for worship, the round of religious ceremonies, the external humiliation, the imposing sacrifice, proclaim that the doer of these things regards himself as righteous, and as entitled to heaven; but it is all a deception. Our own works can never purchase salvation. . . . {CSA 17.1}






The ministry of John Thiel is death to marriage if either husband or wife is not a full and willing participant in the cult.


John Thiel has presided and been instrument in many marriage divorces and seperations. While he was in the reform church he encouraged certain women to leave their husbands, which they did. However when Thiel was taken out of the way those marriages were reconciled. This demonstrates that the cause of those seperations was Thiel himself.


Within his own ministry HASS, the perth congregation is of sixteen people, of those twelve are women, of those twelve  nine are single, of those nine seven are divorced or seperated, of those seven five have seperated from their husbands under johns watch.


John Thiel actively encourages abandonment of spouses and children who are not within the cult. He perverts scripture to establish that this is 'surrendering all for the Lord'. He often slanders his own wife and children and paints himself as self sacrificing and Pious for abandoning them. When he made the decision to leave his wife and children he announced it to a Bible study group and used the book of Ezra to establish his righteousness in the matter, infering that his wife and children were 'Pagans'.


This attitude is absolutely contrary to the Bible, most of these divorces that John Thiel had a hand in were christian marriages, including his own, and even if they weren't Apostle Paul states that the unbelieving spouse is sanctified by the believer.


The real reason for breaking marriages is when one party, normally the husband won't yeild to Thiel and come under mind control. There are some functioning marriages within the ministry, but the men have been spiritually gelded, they are weak and subserviant to their wives and Thiel. Thiel is the spiritual head of the household and the wives are the enforcers of his laws, thus the men are usurped  and fall into a condition of accidie. Men who tow the line are acceptable, men who won't must be removed.


Thiel also forces the abandonment of children and other family. One sweet old lady who had attended the group for many years was refused baptism for those many years until recently. The problem was that she mantained a relationship with unbelieving children and relatives, once she finally yielded to Thiel and cut them off, he decreed that she was now 'converted' and had 'surrendered all to Christ' and he baptised her.


Thiel also pressured a divorced man who had come to the faith in his late thirties to abandon his children. The man had a shared care arrangement and had his teenage daughters and five year old son half of the time. The son was young enough to be instructed in Christ, but the daughters were non believing but showing some interest because they respected their father. Having loyalties outside of the church is a threat to Thiel, and as this man was committed to caring for his children in the Christmas and Easter holidays he was unable to attend the church camps.

Thiel put pressure on him to relinquish care of the children as a prerequisite to baptism, the man ignored Thiels pressure and was deemed 'unconverted'.


Malachi 2:16

"For I hate divorce!" says the LORD, the God of Israel. "To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies. "So guard your heart; do not be unfaithful to your wife."




Like the pharisees of old the fruits of legalism is secret hypocrisy.

Members are more afraid of what other members think, or of being caught doing what they shouldn't be doing, than they are of God.


This is because in their subconcience they know that God doesn't require the petty laws, codes and restrictions placed upon them, these are merely a requirement of men.


They will indulge in forbidden things secretly, wicked activities such as going for a paddle in the sea and flaunting their ankles.


They won't worry that they've sinned against God, but will be in a panic that someone from church might happen by and report on them. 

And they would be reported on!


Thiel's ministry breeds a spirit of interference, correcting others and petty spying.


Rotten fruits indeed.



Lack of Love


John Thiels ministry is singularly remarkable in the lack of love shown for both brethren and non believers.


Christ taught that we are to love even our enemies, yet the Thielites can't even love their own.


Each and every time Thiel goes on a junket the ministry descends into chaos, women cat fighting is the norm, sometimes even physically! Is this 'fruits of the spirit'?


When Christ gave the two greatest commandments he gave them as a whole. The love of God is inseperable from love for fellow men.


If Christ within a person isn't manifest in love for sinners and hunger for souls, then how can that same person love God?



A quote from Adventist pioneer Ellen White


  "The effort to earn salvation by one's own works inevitably leads men to pile up human exactions as a barrier against sin. For, seeing that they fail to keep the law, they will devise rules and regulations of their own to force themselves to obey. All this turns the mind away from God to self. His love dies out of the heart, and with it perishes love for his fellow men. A system of human invention, with its multitudinous exactions, will lead its advocates to judge all who come short of the prescribed human standard. The atmosphere of selfish and narrow criticism stifles the noble and generous emotions, and causes men to become self-centered judges and petty spies."



Lack of missionary spirit


John Thiel is remarkable in his indifference for souls. To him non believersand believers who reject him are counted as 'SWINE'.

(see quote below)

He has no burden for souls, and dislikes even attempting to minister to 'worldlings' or 'Sunday keepers'. His mission is to proselytize existing Adventists, preferably reformers and female.


Most of the outreach and subsequent growth of the church is the result of one female attendees online ministry efforts. This lady is not a member of the church as John Thiel refuses to baptize her. This has been the case for many years.


Thiel treats her with absolute cruelty, he has been heard on one occasion to say of her "Agh! She brings them in, then destroys them with her tail!" He says this because a high percentage of people she brings in leave. This of course is because they have enough spiritual discernement to recognize the ministry as a cult, but Thiel is a master of shifting blame.


The Thielites would protest that John Thiel does do missionary work, indeed he does go on several trans continental and foriegn junkets each year 'ministering' to small groups that the above lady has brought in. But the truth is that he would rather not do it. He is much more content to 'hover over the church' at home and enjoy the fruits of being a career christian.


John Thiel  - “What should you do with them? They are lost, turn away. Don’t waste your time. Don’t throw your pearl among the swine, they are swine. Why you are so judgemental people will say? I didn’t say this. This is not the decision of God’s word. It is very harsh but it only appears harsh as this is simply a reality. This is God dictating. This is a place of no return. If you try to work with these people that will not return, you are wasting your time. If you are trying to bring them to church, you will not succeed. If you want to have bible studies with them, you won’t succeed. How do you know their probation is closed? You will read it, you will know."


More on this subject here





John Thiel and his devotees practice and preach extreme exclusivity. Thiel teaches that there is no salvation outside of the church, except for very few cases.

Members are to come out of the world and be seperate, he misuses Bible verses to establish this, but his applications are spurious.


God does not wish us to be physically seperate from the world, hiding ourselves until doomsday, it is spiritual seperation that he wants.


Devotees take this seperation dogma to the extreme. One young couple were in the habit of hanging towels inside the back door windows of their car, so thier children would not be polluted by seeing worldly people.


Christians are not to be exclusive or bigoted, you can read an excellent study that enlarges upon this here.



Rewriting history


John Thiel and his devotees will completely disregard and in some cases destroy historical facts that contradict thier doctrines.

This manifests in bizarre teachings such as Jesus wearing boots and the doctoring of childrens books.


See some examples here.

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