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Bizarre teachings of John Thiel


One of my personal favourite strange teachings of John Thiel is that 'pure gold' is transparent.


This is a classic example of where Thiel takes a Bible verse, and uses it to wander deep into the realm of fanciful conjecture, in this case Revelation 21:21, which speaks of Gold streets, like transparent glass.


'And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each of the gates was a single pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass'.

The obvious problem with this verse is that gold isn't transparent, even in its purest form, it's a metal. So what the prophet John was saying was descriptive, he is best trying to describe what he saw in vision in terms available to him in the 1st century AD.


This is what John Thiel says, You can read it in its original setting here


"Pure gold; pure, pure gold without any dross in it; that is the streets are made of pure transparent gold. It has been proven in the purification of gold that it is indeed transparent because that is what is placed in front of a spacesuit visor, to shield the eyes from the sun out there in space. Gold has been proven to be transparent by thorough purification."


Astronauts space visors do have a layer of gold in the visor, but the reason it is transparent isn't its 'pureness', it is because it has been made so thin that light can penetrate between the molecules.


John Thiel goes on to describe the process that needs to take place to make gold transparent, apparently he is also versed in the ancient arts of alchemy.


"To provide and to produce gold that is finally more precious than the golden wedge of Ophir, there is a process by which every element of impurity is removed. It takes place over a period of time. The heat in the crucible that the gold is melted in is slowly increased, because if it was suddenly increased, the crucible itself would shatter. As the intensity of the heat increases, the gold with it’s mingled metals, melts. There are different metals mingled together in gold; there is platinum, tin and there are other things there that prevent it from becoming totally transparent. As the heating process develops, the melting of the gold and all these other metals melt together and as time goes on there are certain of them that come to the surface afloat and the impurities, the false metals that are not gold are scooped off and removed. However, after the heat has come to a certain temperature and certain metals have come to the top, there are still others deep inside that won’t come to the top. There are those stubborn elements that still need to be brought out. In the process of bringing the impurities out, chemicals are added to the molten mass. These chemicals will go and separate through the chemical activity, those impurities, together with the heat. Then, as the chemicals do their work, they bring them finally out to be able to come to the surface and are scooped off until all the dross has been separated after a long process. To make gold transparent, more pure than the fine gold of Ophir, there is yet more purification to take place. This is what NASA has engaged in to be able to produce gold that can be placed onto the visor of a spacesuit."


Although this childish stuff is pretty funny, the serious side is that if John Thiel speaks it, then it's truth, any member who engages in questioning transparent gold is rejecting truth.



Tall Majestic beings live on Saturn


Another personal favourite is the teaching that there are 13ft people living on the gas giant Saturn. Georead has done an excellent article on this subject which you can read here.


Wobbly Earth


Another teaching that unfortunately we have no record of, only eye witness accounts, concerns Isaiah 24:20


"The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again."


John Thiel teaches that due to global warming the polar ice caps will melt and cause the Earth to flip on its axis. Strange but true!



The redeemed will be androgynous


John Thiel, again going deep into speculations, takes Matthew 22:30 and uses it to establish the saints will be literally 'niether male nor female'.


"For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven."


He also teaches that there will be no need to go to the toilet in heaven, so presumably genitalia will be dispensed with entirely and we will have a one size fits all bump like G.I. Joe or Barbie.



We will be part of the Godhead


John Thiel teaches that being 'partakers of the divine nature' and 'Heirs of God' means that we will actually BE Gods.


This is a reoccurring theme throughout his sermons. Here he says that his devotees will be divine.


Here he says that his devotees will be "part of the Godhead" and achieve "what Lucifer wanted".


These are very serious heresies and nothing short of blasphemous.



Good Works


John Thiel doesn't seem to understand what 'Good works' even are, he thinks that they are things that are done to oneself to earn merit in Heaven, things such as eating certain foods, wearing certain clothes and "walking down the road with a black man or two". He even goes so far as to infer deeds such as these are 'The loud cry'!


Learn all about it here.





John Thiel teaches that male masturbation causes homosexuality. Women who swim together become lesbian. Exposed feet of children causes men to view child pornography on the Internet.



Easter, Christmas and babies in television boxes


"Look at the houses, the expensive materials.  We have become dependent
on things that are really not necessities, but we view them as
necessities.  For example, there was once was a couple who had a child
but didn't have enough money to buy a bassinet for the baby, so they
put the baby in the box that used to contain their TV. This kind of
infiltration affects the mind in such a way that when it comes to the
delicacies of the papacy of false teaching, Easter and Christmas from
pagan/papal Rome, it becomes a source of monetary gain by the
merchants.  The papacy develops a strangle-hold by means of this
activity and captivates the attention of the world by reaching their
senses and practices of idolatry." John Thiel



Gluten intolerance is Satanic delusion


"God created fruits, grains and nuts for food and after sin vegetables.

You mustn’t eat wheat as it’s not the best grain when the Bible says bread is the staff of life. Can you see the insanity that Satan has got the world in today?

…You won’t talk about this or that food doing you bad, it is what God has created for food and is not to be refused. If you think that certain thing you have been taught under scientific research is going to do you harm, follow carefully.

Here is the danger, hypochondria. If you are in constant fear that your food will hurt you, what will your imagination do. It most assuredly will."


Transgender Jesus


John Thiel:"Did Jesus only take the male factor of the flesh? I never forget arguing… with a Seventh-day Adventist Minister and his wife about the nature of Christ. …You don’t mean to tell me Jesus suffered like me as a woman, and she went into detail. And I was battered, making a statement like that …But the fact is, that the woman was in Jesus just as much as the man."(emphasis added)


Read more about this dodgy doctrine here.



Frisky Jesus


John Thiel teaches that Jesus was tempted sexualy by Mary Magdelene when she washed his feet. Matthew 26:10.


According to the Biblical report, Jesus Christ considered Mary’s action as a good work. She anointed Him before His crucifixion. A temptation is not a good work. 


Jesus said to Peter, “Depart from me, Satan,” because Peter suggested to Jesus not to visit Jerusalem in order to avoid His death.


considering both cases, one can clearly understand that, in the case of Peter, it was a temptation. In the case of Mary Magdalene, it was a good work.


John Thiel's teaching is thus shown to be fallacious.



Mrs Thatchers Missing womb


Read all about that and other strange Thielisms at 'Sevy Taliban'

Blogspot, here.

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